PR-G160 Miño River mouth Route
It allows you to explore the natural values of the estuary, the mouth of the Miño and the Atlantic coast.

It is a linear route of 7 km in its main route allows you to know the natural values from the estuary, the mouth of the Miño to the Atlantic coast.

The 7km signposted route in its main route. It begins a few meters from the parish church of Salcidos heading towards the banks of the Miño where the bird observatories are located and a large part of birds that live or winter in the estuary are concentrated. It runs along the right bank of the river using old paths until its mouth at O Muíño beach and continues along the Atlantic coast along part of the Litoral path. It has great natural wealth due to the diversity of flora and fauna, ethnographic elements such as ceramic kilns, fisheries, the salt flats at the mouth or the windmills on the coast. Different interpretive panels distributed along the route allow you to identify and learn about all these values.


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Explore The Mouth of the Miño